Friday, October 20, 2017


Captured by: Zulfikar Rachman

It's been a month since my arrival in my home country.

I saw middle age couple, the husband hold his wife with care while the wife keep looking at her husband.

I saw an old lady in the middle of the street, arranging the traffic.

Today i saw another old lady selling chips. I bought one the she smile widely at me. Now i'm the middle of them actually and listening to them lol. A guy gave these old ladies foods from the church, but then this old lady gave it to another, explained that she already bought one for herself. these people care and help each other. Remind me of my mother, she keeps telling me to take care of each other. If you help someone, someone else will help you.

We don't need politicians who only care for their own. We need people who cares for each other.

By: Zulfikar Rachman

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