Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ratih And Cute Man From Philipines

My classmate, when I was vocational high school, Ratih Manggalih often told me,”Do you have friend (man) who have cute face, Pop?”
I just laughed when she said like that.
And then, one day she looked at me when I’m busy with my cell phone.  She asked,”What are you doing, Pop?” then she held my cell phone and know that I have been chatting with a man in facebook.
“Oh, my God! He’s so cute.” Ratih said when she looked at that man’s profile picture.
“Do you want to know him, Tih?”
“Yes! He is really cute.”
“He came from Philiphines and I never met him before. Are you sure?”
“I’m sure, Pop… I’m sure… cause he’s really cute. No problem if we just talking at facebook for ever.”
“We always talking in English. He couldn’t speak in Bahasa.”
“Heh? So, I had to speak in English with him too?”
“Ya, of course…”

Then, Ratih brought my cell phone back. I saw her thingking of loud. Maybe, cute face doesn’t mean anything when she couldn’t say hy to that man.

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